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Kale Panik Bar - Çift Kanat Set (Barelsiz) KD040/30-270

BODY Steel chassis - Half Arm INSTALLATION For double doors USAGE Suitable for both left and right -handed doors LOCKING SYSTEM Standard: Kale cylinder with 3 keys for external opening, touch bar mechanism from inside opening with safety function Optional: From outside by handle with rosette with 2 keys On fixed leaf: Locking by steel bar mec..

Kale Panik Bar - Tek Kanat (Barelsiz) KD040/30-280 B

TYPE Standart COLOUR Silver-bronz. SIDE COVER 1,5 mm 6112 sheet metal. OVAL PIPE 32x15x1 Mm iron. STRIKING Zinc 5 LATCH Zinc 5..

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