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Kale Dış Gösterge Paneli KD040/95-510

KD 040/95-510 MATERIAL LED backlight, black acrylic DIMENSIONS Width:105 mm Length:170 mm Height:14 mm VOLTAGE 50/60 Hz 110:220-240 V AC HUMIDITY RATE 50°C 10-95%RH WORKING TEMPERATURE -10°C + 60°C TYPE Rectangular STYLE Compatible design with card operated locks..

Kale Dokunmatik Dış Panel KD040/95-520

KD 040/95-520 MATERIAL Chrome metal frame, black acrylic body DIMENSIONS Width: 51 mm Length: 65 mm Height:27 mm VOLTAGE 50/60 Hz 110-240 VAC WORKING CURRENT 4A HUMIDITY RATE 10-95 % RH WORKING TEMPERATUR -10°C + 60°C 3 FUNCTIONS Do not disturb, Make up, Please wait SHAPE Square..

Kale Zil Ünitesi KD040/95-530

KD 040/95-530 MATERIAL Acrylic DIMENSIONS Width: 105 mm Length: 155 mm Height:45 mm VOLTAGE 50/60 Hz 110-240 VAC HUMIDITY RATE 10-95 % RH WORKING TEMPERATURE -10°C + 60°C..

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