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Kale Geçiş Kontrol Ünitesi (Kartlı) KD050/10-900

KD050/10-900 Working Voltage 9-24 VDC Load Current 1 A Alarm Output 1 A @ 12 VDC Quiescent Current..

Kale Geçiş Kontrol Ünitesi (Şifreli) KD050/10-600

KD 050/10-600 SYSTEM 1000 users capacity with ID and keypad DIGITAL SYSTEM Luminous key pad ALARM Internal, external alarmfunction BELL BUTTON Yes REMOTE OPENING BUTTON Yes WORKING VOLTAGE 12V AC and 12V DC WORKING CURRENT..

Kale Geçiş Kontrol Ünitesi (Şifreli) KD050/10-800

KD050/10-800 Operating Voltage DC 12V±10% User Capacity 2000 Card Reading Distance 3-6 cm Active Current..

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