Product Code: 164 SNC

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  • Case : Brass, Polished. 4 anti-drill pins. (Optional: Sanded nickel plated)
  • Key : Brass, Nickel Plated, Multiwave, System, 3 pieces
  • Certificates : TS EN1303
  • Cam : Sintered Steel
  • Key Combination : Digital technology
  • Springs : Stainless steel (inox)
  • Pins : Profile formed by MS 58 Brass. (Optional: Anti-drill steel pins HRc 60 )

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Lock Cylinder Type Standard cylinder
Roller Not Available
Body Material MS 58 Brass, Bright 4 Piece Steel pins reinforced against puncture
Body Coating (Optional : Sanded Nickel Plated)
Striking Plate Not Available
Certifications TS EN1303
Unit weight 270
Number of parcels 24
Carton Size 23,5x14,2x8,4
Automatic Locking Not Available
Electric Not Available
Buttons Not Available
Reinforced Steel Not Available
Steel Pin 4
Mushroom Pins None
Key Material Brass, Nickel Plated, Multi Channel System, 3 Piece
Key Type System
Key Attachment Material None
Key Combination Digital Technology
Cam Special Sinter Casting
Spring Stainless Stell (inox)
Pin MS 58 Brass Optionally: Pins resistant to puncture Steel HRc 60 )
Knob None
Anti-snap Protection Not Available
Anti-drill Protection Available
Anti-picking Protection Not Available
Anti-bumping Protection Not Available